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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 25, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PST

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i'm beth troutman. i'm not here again today, but i will be back tomorrow. i promise you. but the rest of the crew is here and they found the best videos and stories of the day and they're going to show them to you, right this minute. >> note to anyone thinking of robbing an electronics store. >> probably going to have some pretty good security cameras. >> which caught this robber making an unusual entrance. >> that's a first for us. >> it's a traffic video that's
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got it all. >> there's guns, there's accidents. >> right. >> explosions. >> i think three shots means like i'm passing on the left. >> canned an elite rescue team swoops in to save a teenager on a cliff with nowhere to go. >> marines are tough people, we know that. now meet one who braves the slingshot while his buddy laughed. >> i was actually choking and crying at the same time. you got to think if you're going to choose to attempt to rob an electronics store they're probably going to have some pretty good security cameras in place, right. >> of all places. >> here you see a suspected robber crashing through the ceiling of a fort lauderdale, florida, electronics store. >> that's a first for us. >> goes immediately for a gun that was stored behind the counter. squeezes off a couple rounds and starts to rob a couple things inside the store.
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an hour later. >> no. >> the suspected burglar comes back with an accomplice this time, now they smash cabinets make off with ipods, iphones, couple customer laptops in for repair. >> they are not really worried about covering up their faces or hiding their identity. >> one guy does have a hoodie on, but you're right, the other guy is clearly visible in the videos. they look like young people and it's a little strange that they robbed it and came back. >> they did arrest two teenage boys in this case soon after the video was aired on local tv. >> our detectives were able to quickly work this case and bring in someone that was identified to us. >> another surprising little twist, the business owner said, after this video aired, the mother of one of the boys came in and returned one of the customer laptops and said, i raised my kid better th is. >> whyou're runni
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usiness and this mage and money loss, you just can't feel sorry for anyone, you know, at this moment in time. >> police also say the teenagers confessed to breaking into another business back in september. they're also both facing burglary and grand theft charges. would it not be cool if you could see in the dark? pitch-black. and you could see like it was daylight. >> night vision, like night vision goggles. >> they found this report on cctv. this little boy can see at night. >> come on. >> he's -- >> see like a cat? >> no joke. some people are calling him cat boy, because he has blue eyes which are highly uncommon in china and when his dad took him to the doctor to see what was going on, when they shined a light at his eyes they reflected this aqua blueish color back, just like cats do. his eyes are so sensitive to light, that during the day, he squints all day long and he has blurry vision. but at night, he can see
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perfectly the way most of us can see during the day. >> i'm sure this kid says he can see in the dark but how do you know for sure. >> a reporter in china went to see this little boy and put him to the test. she wrote some things on a piece of paper with some blank spaces, some mathematical equations and took him to a pitch-black room to solve it and he came out and it was completely filled out. >> kind of cool. during the day he could put sunglasses around, look cool he's wearing sunglasses and at night he can see in the dark, that's pretty cool too. i think this is like an advantage. ♪ monday, was the beginning of the chinese new year, according to the chinese lunar calendar and in the sich wan province in southwest china, they did it big and when i mean big i mean chinese style fireworks.
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this video was shot by nate hickner and sam finkel on the 23rd floor. apparently in china, where fireworks were invented many, many, many years ago, fireworks were banned in areas because of the pollution. they've recently relaxed the rules. think of this, you've got an urban area with like 14 million people and all of them are saying i'm going to set off some fireworks here, can't catch all of us, and this is what you get. >> oh, my goodness. >> geez. >> i didn't see any weather report for the area. i'm thinking that's all the smoke from the fireworks. >> can you imagine the dogs around here. they're probably going crazy. >> there are reports that these fire work shows go on for like hours. can you imagine having to be at work at like 5:00 hour with this going on. >> these people are about to get their hands on legit stuff, not like what we sdeget the sparkle
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>> i don't think they have to drive to ohio to get the cool fireworks. >> according to chinese legend the reason they set off fireworks there was a myth logical animal that would prey on humans and livestock, they said he was afraid of loud bangs and the color red. if you have red bangs in your hair. >> ha-ha. the worst part about a traffic jam, at least in my opinion is, when you try to get over to the other lane and then this lane starts moving and this lane and that lane starts moving. so annoying. maybe we should adopt this method. found this video on live week. poster says it's from chechnya, russia. >> russia. ♪ >> and you see we've got a bit of a jam on a back road. this guy in the white car we're seeing here, watch what he does to kind of signal that he's getting over. >> oh, my gosh. >> kind of like his version of a turn signal. pow pow pow. i'm getting over.
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everyone is beeping their horn. almost looks like some sort of demolition derby. >> there's guns, accidents, explosions. >> right. >> it keeps going. i think three shots means like i'm passing on the left. >> you think they teach that in driving school? >> maybe. >> oh! >> wow. >> and then this guy says you know what you've been beeping your horn too much and he just rams into that one car, pushes it off on to the shoulder and speeds away. >> i think he did that on purpose. >> yeah. >> i really think he rammed into that guy on purpose. >> i used to say like the traffic and the driving in new york city is pretty bad, you to drive like a maniac. here you literally have to be a maniac to be behind the wheel. >> to survive. ♪ look at this golden cape. >> wow. >> it's actually the creepy crawler that made it that will make you go --
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>> wow. >> and this one might make you go -- >> oh, no! >> i had no idea that his entire head was going to turn into a mouth. >> the ride and face you have to see.
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talk about an action packed day. the l.a. county sheriff's department rescued 15 people in one 24-hour period last weekend. the department air 5 rescue unit air lifted everybody from two guys who fell down a ravine, four boys stuck in a canyon to a 19-year-old woman clinging to a cliff. >> this 19-year-old girl got herself caught kauth on a 100-foot cliff with nowhere to go, too afraid to go up or down, loose rocks, loose dirt. the l.a. sheriff's department had to come in with a helicopter and lower a rescuer down to this
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girl to lift her off the cliffside. two of her friends were found a little bit lower down. they were rescued with ropes and got out safely. this girl was uninjured but just stuck. it's believed that the teens hiked into a closed area. i believe they walked past signs that said this area is closed to hikers. >> how did they know they were out there? >> a forest service worker spotted the trio around noon and they were rescued in a couple hours. >> from looking at this girl and what she's wearing, i don't think they're experienced hikers at all. they don't have equipment. she doesn't have what seems to be appropriate hiking attire. >> they weren't carrying any water or food. couple rescuers said they seemed blaz za about getting trapped and rescued. they were like, sorry. marines are tough people. >> yeah. >> we know that. >> oh, yeah. >> we know that and thank them for their service all the time. so you think a marine would be
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able to handle a slingshot ride in orlando, florida. >> yeah. >> terrifying, though. i won't go near them. >> what's also terrifying is battle, marine adam wiley, served in afghanistan, but check him out on this slingshot ride. we're seeing adam on the left with his buddies, allen bell. listen to the conversation they're having beforehand. >> oh [ bleep ]. ready for this. i would rather be back in afghanistan doing this. >> no, you wouldn't. >> rather be back in afghanistan than this. >> can you believe that? >> no. >> the best part about this video, when adam talks to the ride conductor, give me a countdown before you launch us. >> can you give me a countdown? >> countdown before you go -- >> that was not a countdown! >> alan, his friend on the right, is absolutely loving
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this. >> i'm laughing my tail off. i would never get on that thing. >> that big tough guy, we watched scream like a girl, and his friend are joining us. adam wiley with adam bell joining us from davvenport, florida. thanks for joining us and thanks for your service. what was scarier, serving overseas or that ride? >> that ride. i did not know what to expect. >> you asked for the countdown and you didn't get it. why did you think the countdown would have helped? >> like my morale and everything and if i know when i'm psyched in the head. >> when you saw adam screaming, what were you thinking? >> i had no idea that his entire head was going to turn into a mouth, that's for sure. i was actually choking and crying at the same time on this ride. >> what do your fellow service members say when they see this video, because i'm sure they've seen it? >> they're probably laughing so hard right now. >> the best video ever they've seen. >> did you have words with the ride conductor afterwards and
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say, dude, what happened to the countdown? >> he almost jumped the ride conductor when we got off. i think i have found the single garment that has required the most number of workers to make it happen. this is a golden cape. it was created by simon pierce, a textile expert in the uk. when i said the most number of workers, i meant 1.2 million female madagascar golden orb spiders. >> that's spider silk. >> that cape is made out of golden orb spider silk. >> wow. >> each one of them was released back into the wild unharmed. >> and it looks like they got a little bit of credit having their image woven back into the gold. >> dyed gold or comes out gold? >> it comes out gold. they produce that silk in this color. 14,000 spiders, produces only about an ounce of silk.
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>> that's why they needed so many. >> so many over such a long period of time. >> it involves about 80 people going out every morning, collecting spiders, the spidery, where we can extract directly from the spider, spinnerettes of the silk. >> the original person who created this weaving machine for the spiders was in the late 1800s and so they found out about it and they got the idea to make their own. this cape was done in the last eight years and it took them about four years to make. this cape is now being displayed at the victorian albert museum in london. people can go take a look at this beautiful masterpiece. ♪ a couple motorcycles tearing up the countryside and the cop who stops them. >> he shoots them? >> sure. >> see the story behind the great motorcycle chase. >> facing the cold cold russian winter waters. >> if i'm going to do it might as well go all-in.
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>> freezing for faith. we'll tell you all about it.
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i got a cat and mouse video but this one features nick on a cliff motorcycle, with cars around. these guys are the masters at drifting their motorcycles. a short film called "motorcycle versus car drift battle"
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produced by icon motor sports. you see these at the oregon race park twisting with rubber. they've got the rc car that does cool follow videos and a whole story line here. >> [ inaudible ] motorcycle. they've been causing a ruckus and in general mayhem all around this here county. >> the local officer drift master who's played by dan brockette on four wheels, tries to track them down. this one is a 550 horsepower mustang. funny part of the video, not hard to track these guys down because they're leaving ribbons of burnt rubber wherever they go. they've got cameras, helicopter cameras. >> who wins, the good or bad guys in this. >> cop is hot on their tail. nowhere to go. the cop is right there. what else are you going to do? >> he shoots them? >> sure. >> oh, man. >> allegedly. >> the video about 8:30 minutes
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long. if you want to see the entire video go to and click on my page. you'll see the whole link. >> a reminder you can find all the stories on "right this minute" today on >> plus lots more. >> lots and lots more great videos. >> all day long, 24/7. >> to -- >> russia. >> yep. where on january 19th they celebrated what they called epiphany in orthodox christian celebration where they celebrate the baptism of christ. they believe on this day, the water is its holleyest and it has special powers. so they all as a group jump into freezing cold water. and take a nice ice bath. >> and the men choose to wear speedos it looks like. >> the men choose to wear speedos, women wear these things that look like robes.
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>> you know how cold it is. look at the spectators how bundled up they are. >> the important thing is to take a dip to get this blessing from this epiphany celebration. >> you can't even make it quick like ripping off a band-aid. you're standing in the line going through one by one. >> people are even diving. you see this guy like swimming under water. >> that's what i would do. if i'm going to do it, might as well go all-in, know what i mean. >> can you imagine. my hands wouldn't make it through that little stretch of cold water. >> oh. >> i have to say, these people, at least they're doing it for a cause, for something they believe in. >> yeah. >> think they're going to better themselves or live a better life after this. they're not just trying to prove that they're tough. ♪ nowadays it seems like you can buy anything on the internet. and i mean anything. like some toilet paper with moby dick typed on it. the question is, why, why and why? why is right.
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we'll answer that and tell you how much this creative novel is going f @@
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who remembers getting their first car? >> had a chevy chavet. >> geo tracker. >> ford bronco. >> getting your first new car inspired zach to enter the chevrolet's route 66 competition for a super bowl ad. >> a blind fold mom really. >> happy graduation, sweetie.
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>> babe -- >> should we tell him? >> i love the fact that zach made getting a new car not getting a new car. >> best gift ever! best gift ever! >> i don't know why he didn't think it was a refrigerator. it had a bow on it. >> the beautiful yellow camaro. >> a door fridge also a nice gift. >> so marry you right now. >> for this ad zach won 25k. >> got me excited about watching the super bowl. >> even though your niners aren't in it. >> ouch. >> too soon? >> too soon. >> hey! stole my car. >> to the beaches of west india. there's a lot going on in this video, so -- >> is that a cow. >> cow running around on the beach watching the fight. you see a woman here, getting punched, slapped, pushed around. apparently this family had squatted on these beach chairs
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out in front of a restaurant and had been there all day. when you do that you typically are expected to buy something from the restaurant. a drink, a bottle of water, at least. >> two drink minimum. >> something. >> and the restaurant owner had gotten fed up. he went out there and -- >> he's got a cane. >> a full-on fight. >> oh, wow. >> that is a cane or a -- >> a stick of bamboo. >> this guy steps in, takes his sandal off, and bat. >> whacks the woman again. >> there is so much wrong with this picture. the guy is beating up on the girl and the cow or bull or whatever. >> maybe -- >> running around. >> anybody notice the cow was like i'm out of here. >> yeah. >> i'm gone. >> this cow had the right idea. i think the solution for everybody, just move down on the beach. just move a couple hundred meters down. everybody will be happy.
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>> nowadays it seems like you can buy anything on the internet. anything you want. like time machines. >> fares in a jar. >> and books. >> another perfect example. >> ebay seller the heck cat from palm springs, florida, has a listing. it is the classic novel "mowby dix" typed out on rolls of toilet paper. six rolls total, one that is a fifth of a roll that includes the epilog and one half roll. there are a few tears in the toilet paper from when this ebay user tried to feed the toilet paper through the type writer. wasn't used. he's kept this in a cool, dry place inside a box for the last ten years. his asking price is a shade under $1,000. $999.95. thus far no bids. >> no. >> surprisingly because he's offering free shipping. >> see now that -- >> why, why and why, sort of started out as a bet. the ebay user and a friend were
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joking about how toilet paper should come with instruction manuals for some people. it sort of turned into a wager that this ebay user couldn't type out a novel on toilet paper. this ebay user set out to do just that and the user says they only take this thing out when they want to prove to other people they did this. this is a party trick. >> imagine if he didn't keep this under lock and key and somebody was desperate. >> yeah. >> rummaging around. >> take us out today, we have beautiful video of manatees in crystal river, florida. shot by paul wildman. beth comes back tomorrow. thanks for joining us. ♪
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